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Real Talk 101

An ongoing series of informational entries

"Are you grieving properly?"

May 20, 2019

Did you know that "unchecked" or unhealthily resolved grief can lead to sickness, disease and "spirits of _______"? Hence the term "grieve to death"!

GRIEF IS A NORMAL EMOTION! However, just like ALL emotions, if not PROPERLY AND HEALTHILY PLACED IN PERSPECTIVE it can leave you in a state of PERMANENT DIS-EASE that eventually leads to DISEASE!

Check your heart Beloved...and...make sure that grief HAS NOT BECOME YOUR IDOL!

OAN...Anything that the word "my" is placed in front can POTENTIALLY become an idol because you have taken on the right, responsibility and jurisdiction to OWN it!

Just because you've EXPERIENCED it doesn't mean you have to LIVE in it permanently! (I.e. my sickness, my ADHD, my disease, my grief, my depression, my anger, etc.)

Dr. M

"Check Your Table!"

October 30, 2018

Prophetic warning:

Be CAREFUL that you don't receive WISDOM from a WOUND!

A "wounded warrior" is NOT the same as a "healed warrior"!

People AT YOUR TABLE that are STILL wounded can ONLY offer your wisdom from "there"! When Lazarus sat at the table he was RECLINING (relaxed), RESURRECTED (raised from a dead place) AND HEALED (mind, body, and soul)! (John 12:2)


Tell your neighbor, "CHECK YOUR TABLE!"



Dr. M

"True Freedom!"

September 5, 2018


You want to REMAIN free and delivered from COMPARISON, JEALOUSY, ENVY, and PRIDE?

Make it a DAILY habit to ENCOURAGE AND COMPLIMENT your sister!!!

PURCHASE her products... COMPLIMENT her style...ENCOURAGE her dreams/visions...LISTEN and HEAR her heart...SUPPORT and SHARE her business!!!

Don't ALWAYS want people to support you and you NEVER support word OR deed!

REMEMBER: A candle loses NOTHING by lighting ANOTHER candle!


Dr. M

"Know your worth!"

September 5, 2018

Word of Wisdom for Future Business Owners: You are worth what you value! The first rule of business is to value your time, your talent, and the cost(s) needed to run your establishment. If you are paying for a building, which includes overhead expenses, supplies, insurance, and paying BACK student loans to obtain the knowledge, then you need to place a FAIR VALUE assessment on ALL THAT YOU ARE WORTH and charge that amount!! No more sliding fee scales and "breaks". Stop listening to people who "can't afford to pay you this time" or who want the "homeboy/homegirl "hookup" because, in all of my years as a business owner, PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WITH THEIR MONEY!!!

"Mindful Eating"

February 14, 2018

What you eat has a profound effect on your MENTAL HEALTH! Make sure you are practicing "mindful eating". When you are mindful while eating, you are present and you take the time to enjoy the food in front of you, without distractions.

Mindful eating includes:

1) an awareness of what is going into your body-what is the nutritional value? How will it benefit the body, which will ultimately benefit the mind?

2) limiting portion sizes and eating slowly, chewing your food at least 40 times before swallowing to stimulate your digestive enzymes.

3) taking note of the effect that certain foods have on your body( i.e. bloating, indigestion, caffeine, etc).

4) eating the "rainbow'-a variety of plant-based foods, vegetables, nuts, and fresh fruits that include phytochemicals (carotenoids, flavonoids, glutathione, and polyphenols); minerals (calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silica, sulfur, and zinc); dietary fiber (pectin,probiotics); protein; vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7,B9, choline, C, D, E, K); and fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9).


"Are you sure that this is a relationship?"

January 15, 2018

Unfortunately, people assume that they have or have been in a relationship with others until they begin to understand the NATURE of “relationship”. Much like throwing the word “friend” around, people claim “relationship” when in essence they put no effort in establishing a connection, growing, or creating stability to quell doubt of where they stand with one another.

RELATIONSHIPS TAKE WORK!! Whether you are related by blood, marriage, or linked by association...YOU DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY HAVE A RELATIONSHIP UNTIL YOU WORK AT IT! Relationships are time-consuming, they require work, and they must be nurtured.

If there is no love... positive regard or mutual don’t have a relationship. Work on that...

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