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Dr. Miranda is MORE than a Licensed Professional Clinician!

Dr. Miranda Y. Pearson is also an instructor, author, Life Coach, preacher, Mental Health Consultant, and Deliverance Counselor. She is an excellent communicator and a prolific orator who is able to convey information with style, poise, grace, and humor. She has spoken at major conferences, workshops, and seminars, as well as she has been the commencement speaker in both high school and college settings. 

Mental Health Consultant 

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Featured/Panel Conference Speaker

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Seminar/Webinar Speaker

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Life Coaching

Dr. Miranda is both a Licensed and a Certified  Christian Life Coach. She has extensive training and experience in coaching, mentoring, and counseling. She is able to partner with her clients to inspire and maximize their potential. 

Deliverance Counseling

Dr. Miranda is able to utilize her extensive knowledge of both psychology and theology, integrating them to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining spiritual freedom from generational, environmental, and situational hindrances.

Inner Healing Coaching/Counseling

Dr. Miranda is able to use her extensive psychological and theological background knowledge to assist clients in recognizing and maintaining freedom from trauma.

Life Coaching Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Premium Coaching Package


7 Week Program/In Person and Online Available

Best Package Offer/Also available for group therapy at $500 per person for churches

Seven 1 hour sessions/homework/one one one


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Weekly Service


Per 4 Week Coaching Program

"Could This Be Trauma?" & Many More!

Four 1 hour sessions

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Daily Service


Per Hour

Prices begin at a minimum of $100 per hour

1 hr session

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