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Holistic Therapy

Mind, Body & Soul

Mind, Body & Soul 


Our Services

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Anxiety, Depression & Stress Management

A form of therapy to identify the underlying causes that are rooted in past experiences and learned behavior.

Anger Management

Therapy that targets those individuals who exhibit internalizing behaviors that have resulted in external consequences.

Marriage Counseling

Therapy that focuses upon the restoration of marriage by identifying disconnected emotions, intimacy, and communication. 

Christian Counseling

Available for those who desire to counsel based upon the Christian bible and biblical principles; Christian Counseling is a focus of therapy that combines psychology and disciplines of faith to provide mental, emotional and behavioral health needs for individuals and families.

Executive Coaching​ & Mentoring

Next level guidance and advising provided for those individuals who need business, personal or spiritual coaching and/or mentoring.

Substance Abuse Support Group

Group therapy that builds confidence within participants to dig deeper into why they are using drugs and/or alcohol while encouraging them to abstain by providing tools and skills.

Our Services

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"You are influenced by your genes, by your upbringing, and by your environment, but you are not determined by them!" 

Stephen R. Covey

Hello! I'm Dr. Miranda Y. Pearson

I am a behavioral, mental health and substance abuse provider, who has several specialties and certifications. 

Although certified in several areas, my passion includes assisting individuals with long-term trauma, as well I enjoy marriage/family and Christian counseling.

Specialties: Teacher, Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Supervisor, Life Coach, and Administrator.


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (LCMHCS)

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate (LCAS-A )

Certified Sex Offender Treatment Professional (CSOTP)

Master Addictions Counselor (MAC)

Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH)

☎ Call 1(919)894-8002 to make a Divine Appointment today!

Certificates & Verifications

Dr. Miranda Y. Pearson is a highly verified, degreed and certificated practicing professional.